Zombsroyale.io Game Play

Play ZombsRoyale.io to conquer a slashing survival combat! You will find it very similar to PUBG game with a lot of challenges for you to go through. In this real-time 2D Shooter Battle Royale game, you will be also dropped down from an airplane from above and land on a ground to begin your adventure. At first, you don’t have anything to use to fight against other rivals, so you’d better roam around many locations to collect weapons, loot supplies, then, armed yourself with them to the teeth in order to shoot down the opponents while protecting yourself from their attacks. Looting items, fighting and surviving are all three crucial tasks you must carry out in this IO game. Nobody likes to get defeated, but winning is not an easy thing at all. Do you think you will become the best ruler of the whole map? Let’s give it a go right now!

How to play

Move your character around the battlefield using WASD. Click left mouse button to fire, use key E to interact with objects.

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